Determination, thick skin key to success, says Sunita Williams

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By Sukant Singh

New Delhi, Feb.25 (ANI): It is possible to achieve anything if a person is qualified and determined with the will to make the right decisions and yes Nasa Astronaut Captain Sunita Williams says the same to the young girls in India who aspire to become like her.

” Why not do what you want to do? I see myself as an average person. I don’t see myself as what I have done is extra ordinary. I just think you need to have determination, hard skin even at the time of failure,” Williams told ANI here.

“I failed two college courses but then I learned from it. So if you want to be an astronaut why not? If you want to climb Everest then why not, I am sure you will find your way,” she added.

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Talking further about her fitness regime and running marathon in space, Williams credited her family for being so athletic which inspired her to be fit and a good swimmer.

“Confidence, perseverance, persistence and knowledge play a key role in achieving the most challenging feats,” Williams further said at an interactive session on women empowerment on the theme ‘Women’s Empowerment through STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Education’ organized by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO).

While narrating many memorable incidents from her numerous space explorations, Capt. Williams said that these experiences have taught her to be spiritual and realize that it would be in the interest of the humanity to preserve earth.

She added that there was a need for all to be a little more friendly and understanding towards others. (ANI)

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