Devang House: Be here to find your `organic’ self

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By A.Kameshwari

New Delhi, Feb 24 (ANI): Concept cafes are not something new to Delhi, but a concept that does not only look after making your weekend fun, but also at changing your entire perspective on your lifestyle is something that is absent in the entire country.

While the West is getting influenced by Ayurvedic and organic lifestyles, India, a birth land of holistic living, is experiencing a dearth of them. Here, people are away from the ground realities, becoming dependent on packaged food and unhealthy ways of living.

In such a scenario, a cafe like Devang House makes its existence in the middle of the city at Ashok Hotel to give a holistic experience to people by offering organic food, which comes straight from farms they personally know, natural products and dynamic events.

On top of everything else, they give you a fresh menu every four months, depending on the availability of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

You can also make a request for a dish you want to have, which is not included in the menu.

Talking about the concept behind such a cafe, Pranav Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer said, “The concept of Devang is to create a space where we bring together organic food and holistic experiences, which range from Yoga, Tai Chi classes to holding workshops to teach people about farming, storytelling, music events and painting. The foundation is to build a community that celebrates life in an evolved and simple way.”

“I have seen such places in some form but not the way it is at Devang. For example, in San Francisco there is no such thing as just a hair salon. You have a hair salon with a bar by side or an art gallery, so the understanding that spaces need to be dynamic to capture the attention of on-lookers is a fact that every businessman is getting acquainted with. However, there are few spaces wherein the only intention is to uplift and nurture people’s life. At Devang, we want people to party, to eat but also do everything with their entire consciousness,” Kriti Paul-Gera, Chief Marketing Officer told ANI while talking about Western and Indian outlooks on healthy living.

Devang House offers an eclectic mix of North Indian, South Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine, and also retails its organic produce, grains, dips and breads. Everything, from the breads and biscuits, to sauces, to drinks and desserts, is prepared in their own kitchens.

“We grow some of the veggies in our own cafe, like lettuce, parsley, spinach and so on, rest we get from farms around on day to day basis. So, whatever you eat has come right from the farm on the day before or the same day. The key differentiator for us is to know exactly where our raw materials are coming from. We want people to experience what Devang offers, as experience creates trust,” Tanuj Malhotra, Chief Organics Officer told ANI.

Set beside a pool, amidst rich greenery, Devang House is a space where you can revel in the bliss of being able to blend a traditional spiritual lifestyle with contemporary living. So, the next time you want to meet your ‘organic’ self, knock doors at Devang House. (ANI)

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