`Devastated` Joan Collins urged `late` sister to get mammography done

Melbourne, Sept 27 (ANI): Joan Collins, who recently lost her sister Jackie Collins due to breast cancer, revealed that she used to repeatedly ask her writer sister, who was diagnosed with cancer six-and-a-half years ago, to get mammograms as their mother had succumbed to the disease in 1962.

The 82-year-old English actress penned an emotional online tribute ‘A Tribute To My Beloved Sister’ mentioning that her novelist sister refused to get mammography done because she was needle-phobic and explained that she didn’t want to be a burden on others with her disease, News.com.au reported.

The ‘Dynasty’ star revealed that she got to know about her sister’s stage four breast cancer when just a day before her death she called the actress and disclosed about her disease.

Jackie sold more than 500 million novels in more than 40 countries in her four decades-long career as a writer of raunchy female fiction. (ANI)

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