Developing ‘blue economy’ would mean social, economic, environmental development: Anil Wadhwa

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New Delhi, Feb. 19 (ANI): Underlining the potential of the ‘blue economy’, Secretary (East) Anil Wadhwa on Friday said it would mean integrating its goals into social, economic and environmental development.

“This is also the requirement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We can develop a common regional vision for a blue economy through public-private partnerships,” he said.

“Leveraging of technology, such as marine spatial planning to harvest marine resources in a sustainable manner, is a priority. So also is the need to encourage the private sector to act more responsibly in its use of marine resources, while participating in nine key marine resource based industries,” said Wadhwa

Participating in the academic session of Delhi Dialogue VIII, Wadhwa said the adoption on countering violent extremism is to be seen as a continuation of the common resolve to counter terrorism and violent extremism displayed.

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“Adoption of a statement expressing deep concern on the rise of violent, extremism and brutality committed by terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria. The need to prevent the use of technology, communications and resources for criminal or terrorist purposes was also reflected in the statement on Information and Communications Technologies,” he said.

He also said that declaration on Global Movement of Moderates recognised that moderation can be a tool to counter violent extremism and supported education as an effective medium to prevent spread of violent extremism and to address its root causes.

Recognising the civilisational linkages, the ASEAN-India Vision Statement adopted at the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit held in December 2012 encouraged the study, documentation and dissemination of knowledge about the civilizational links between ASEAN and India.

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“In accordance with this mandate, we organised an International Conference on “ASEAN-India Cultural Links: Historical and Contemporary Dimensions”, which was held in New Delhi on 23-24 July 2015,” he added.

“One of the recommendations of the Conference was to continue the dialogue with renewed emphasis on history and culture. The Chair’s statement on the 13th India-ASEAN Summit held in November 2015 has also encouraged holding a second conference. We intend to organize the 2nd ASEAN-India cultural relations conference at Jakarta in 2016,” he said.

Wadhwa also added that eminent scholars and academicians, as well as the senior officials from both India and South East Asia will be invited to take part in this conference.

“I would like today’s session to deliberate upon ways to document our cultural linkage by undertaking joint research projects,” he added. (ANI)

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