Diary of a High School girl


This week we kick off a sort of diary of a 15-year-old high school girl whom we shall call Lovleen. She came to Canada with her parents from New Delhi as a 9-year-old, had to deal with being teased and bullied. Trying to desperately conform and fit in, Lovleen has had some success but many disappointments.
The idea behind getting her to share her thoughts is to give parents an insight into life at a typical high school in Canada. Her writing may be an illuminating experience for many parents who may be in denial about what their children experience and go through. It is heartbreaking and tough on children, parents need to be more supportive. For high school students the experiences noted will seem so déjà vu.dear-diary-ink-feather

High School can be so confusing and very scary for anyone. It was for me. Grade 9 was a tough year for me, I go to a school in Brampton and I am now in Grade 10. To be honest, it is hard to fit in, At my school so many Grade 9 students get bullied, some do drugs or indulge in sexual activity which can ruin their reputation and possibly their futures. Grade 9 students need to be aware of the things that happen around them and avoid getting influenced by bad kids. I know many students who experiment with drugs and sex while in Grade 9.
They are now in Grade 10 but these things affect them yet they continue in their ways. Some of them cry but still continue to indulge in such behavior. At school events many boys and girls dress really inappropriately. Last year a guy friend came to our Halloween dance drunk and the principal and vice principal caught him. Many other students encouraged me to drink and smoke but I said NO.
It is really important to choose your friends because the wrong company can make or break you.
I have a lot of different squads (groups) but I have just 2 or 3 close friends.
One thing for sure older students are scary, they make you feel like they rule the school because they know everything very well.
I want you to meet some of my classmates.

Ashpreet, Grade 10. In 2014 she was bullied, went into depression and started to cut herself. Majority of the people name tagged her as in calling her a b***, ugly, fat etc. no one hung out with her at lunch. No one wanted to be next to her, today she is less depressed and has one friend who talks to her. She has a shoulder to cry on. But still she has to tell the teachers where she is going at lunch. At first when she sat beside me in my history class. I used to wonder, what’s wrong? She looked so worried and scared like someone threatened her. But I soon discovered her to be a sweet girl, always polite to everyone.

Riya is another Grade 10 student, funny, loveable, active and energetic. She wears very revealing clothing at school but changes to something more conservative when its time to go home, her parents are strict. She gets into fights, does drugs, cuts herself, gets all physical with her boyfriend in public. She swears a lot. She is basically trying to become something that she is not.

Noorpreet is another 15-year-old in Grade-10, she is one of my best friends and I love her. She is a bit different from other girls. She likes to play sports and has a tomboyish dress sense, so students are convinced she is gay/les when she is not. Some students even came up to me and are like “Oh is Noor gay/les? You friends with her? Like she is so ugly!!” and I’d retort, “What the heck is wrong with you?” It ticks me off real bad. Also her sister and her brother who are older than her probably in their 20s do drugs but she hates drugs. I am honestly fine with her because I know her very well and I know what she has been through. She is my close friend and it is my responsibility to be like a sister to her. She is a sweetheart. Sport is her life! Especially soccer and football.
I will tell you more the next time!

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