Did Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha leave TOGETHER from a awards appear?

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Mumbai, March 21 (CINEWS): Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha are veterans from the same period and we all ability sometime in the past the two were connected to each other.

So yet actually even today everybody watches them intently to make sense of what kind of a mathematical statement do they share now and if at all they are still agreeable to each other or no. All things considered, one such perception has come humming from the HT Most Up-to-date Honors which was held the previous evening. Yes!

Albeit Enormous B touched base with his girl Shweta Nanda and Rekha came solo. It was their “deliberately” caught together leave that is got everybody talking. It so happened that towards the end of the appear, Rekha exited first and was all grins for the cameras. However soon taking after next was Sr Bachchan alongside his girl Shweta and companion Javed Akhtar who happened to walk directly after Rekha which for a brief moment looked as though Rekha and Amitabh in reality made a way out together. Presently this could have been a fortuitous event or say we emphatically trust this was a certain instance of happenstance. In any case, the way that Big B and Rekha got in the same casing is sufficient to get everybody talking.

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