Did Kangana Ranaut hypnotised Adhyayan Suman?

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Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s fight in court has become uglier and it has had numerous turn and turns. In any case, it was Adhyayan Suman’s Stunning admissions about the dark enchantment, physical torment and the various viewpoints about his association with Kangana that changed the entire situation.

From that point forward, numerous people  have Pummeled Adhyayan on his planning of the disclosures. In any case, he cleared up over online networking that he was doing this not for exposure, but rather for the world to know reality.

The on-screen character’s folks have now come in backing of their child and uncovered a couple of more Express subtle elements. Adhyayan’s dad, Shekhar Suman talked about how Kangana had done dark enchantment on his child and abuseed him. In a meeting to ABP, the artist uncovered, “One day my significant other Alka opened Adhyayan’s drawer and she discovered supari , some coins and other irregular things in it. She called me and asked Kya Hai Yeh (What is this?), I trust he is not accomplishing something insane (Dark Enchantment). The one more day, when Adhyayan returned home, we saw he was totally uncovered. We asked him what made him to do this then he answered you won’t comprehend fashion.Then atlast we come to know it was Kangana who constrained him to do as such. Kangana took Adhyayan to FilmFare honors, however Adhyayan was falling back 15 feets from Kangana as if he was some bodyguard to her. She was giving meetings and he was remaining behind her. I felt so ghastly for my child, I should have passed on thousand passings. She didn’t take a gander at him. In the long run, when she went in front of an audience she said thanks to each one with the exception of Adhyayan.”

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Adhyayan’s mom likewise uncovered how Kangana had hynotised his child and tormented him. As she told ABP, “Not long after we discovered supari, I called family’s Panditji and they (Ministers) affirmed that Adhyayan was spellbound. From his eyes it appeared to be it is possible that he was a sedated or was affected by somebody. The way Kangana treated him it was repulsive. She used to mishandle him, beat him. We have never seen this in our home. One day Adhayayan rang around 2-3 AM, I asked him where are you? At that point he began crying on telephone and said Kangana had kept him out of her home. I requesting that he give me a chance to converse with Kangana and solicitation her. At the point when Kangana went ahead the line she didn’t hear me out and declined to take him inside. I got extremely irate interestingly that how might anybody be able to do this to my child. I think Adhyayan was in Mumbai and Kangana was out of India shooting for Kites, he discovered some of her cozy messages which she had sent to Hrithik. This time Adhyayan decided to battle for his rights.”

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