Did Lionel Richie just try to own `Hello`?

Johannesburg, Dec 10 (ANI): With tongue in cheek, Lionel Richie, who released his version of ‘Hello’ in 1984, revealed that he’d actually sought legal advice when Adele released her comeback single ‘Hello.’

The 66-year-old music icon’s ‘Hello’ was a smash hit in 1984 and Adele’s is the reigning ‘Hello’ and it seems like if Richie had his way, the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ hit-maker would have to cough up for using “his” word. But, British songtress Adele got away as he doesn’t own the word ‘Hello,’ Channel24 reported.

The ‘All Night Long’ hit-maker revealed that he loves the parallels people have drawn between the two hits, even though he’s had no luck with his lawyers, quipping “You can’t use my word without my acknowledgement, thank you very much. (ANI)

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