Did Salman Khan take a burrow at Sonu Nigam?

Mumbai, October 13 (CINEWS): Salman Khan is Dabangg in his own terms and as history goes, you ought not to disturb this Khan! Salman can make and break vacations. This time, it was noted artist Sonu Nigam who confronted the on-screen character’s fury.salman_sonu_201473_121816_03_07_2014

We hear that Salman had touched base to go to the Suron Ke Rang show when Sonu requesting that he go ahead stage. It was then that Salman professedly told the vocalist that he needn’t bother with anybody to playback for him. This sudden reprimand astounded Sonu as well as stunned the crowds present at the musical spectacle.

“Sonu looked obviously agitated about Salman’s remarks. Khan was inflexible to demonstrate that artists have a simple occupation to do. He even went ahead to say that he has a fair voice that can be enhanced utilizing innovation and made to sound great, then why might he require a Sonu Nigam or any other individual to hum for him. What’s more, clearly Sonu did not take this very well. Truth is told there was a fun portion that was to be shot in the middle of Salman and Sonu, which was then scrapped,” a source told the main excitement site

Salman who sang Hangover from Kick a year ago had a comparable contention with Sonu a year ago. Salman appears to be resolute that artists don’t merit more weight age as the performer can sing for him while despite what might be expected, Sonu clarified that singing is a matter of duty. After a year, at the show, it appears the artist and the on-screen character got included in another warmed contention and this time Sonu did not care for the way Salman took a burrow at him and different artists.

We don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s actual however in the event that this is the thing that happened, then we have only one inquiry for Salman. Is it an opportunity to say farewell to playback artists then?

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