Did Zayn really cheat on his girlfriend Gigi Hadid?

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Gigi Hadid…So many things get blown out of proportion.

Zayn is shutting down the rumours that he cheated on his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, and hoping she believes him.

“Zayn [Malik] is defiantly denying that he cheated on Gigi [Hadid], and is professing his innocence,” according to a source. “Gigi wants to believe him, because she’s so in love with him, but she also feels a little embarrassed by the whole situation. She can’t fathom why he would cheat on her; she’s been the model girlfriend, adores him and doesn’t think he would hurt her like that.”

“Gigi knows that so many things get blown out of proportion and currently trusts that Zayn has done nothing wrong and is moving forward and not concerning herself with rumours,” another insider said. “Until more concrete evidence comes about on possible cheating, if anything at all, she supports and trusts him and is taking the situation lightly right now.”

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If the 23-year-old singer truly didn’t cheat on Gigi, 21, it will be difficult for both of them. Getting past something like this is a really hard thing to do, and not all couples are able to survive a cheating scandal, no matter how much they love each other. But if Zayn is being honest with Gigi, then they can either maintain the trust that is already there, or begin to build it back up again.

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