Diets don’t work: Rachel Stevens

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London, Feb 15 (IANS) Former S Club 7 band member Rachel Stevens has given up on low-calorie diet in favour of hiring a personal trainer, eating plenty of carbohydrates, and running around after her daughters Amelie and Minnie to get the perfect bikini body for her beach holidays.

“I love my carbs, especially in winter. Diets don’t work. I just eat healthily little and often. I know it’s boring to say, but running after the kids helps me keep in shape.

“I’m learning to cook. It’s not my forté, but I try and balance my portion sizes. I have a hardcore trainer who puts me through my paces. I’m like anyone else. Sometimes you feel great and other times you don’t,” Stevens told

But despite her body confidence, the 37-year-old says her busy schedule has left her feeling “frazzled” but it’s been an amazing year so far.

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“The first day in your bikini is horrible as it’s the whitest day. I always think you look better with a tan. This year has been crazy. I’ve felt frazzled, but it’s been amazing, with ‘Strictly’ and the S Club reunion,” she said.

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