Differently-abled also want to contribute to nation’s progress: Dilip Chauhan

Ahmedabad, Dec. 27 (ANI): Visually challenged teacher Dilip Chauhan, whom Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned in the 15th edition of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme, said that even the differently-abled persons want to take part in the nation’s progress.

“The Prime Minister knows we are not disabled…we are differently abled. He is a source of inspiration for me. Differently-abled is also a community which wants nation to progress and we want to take part in that,” Chauhan told ANI.

“It is a pleasure that the Prime Minister took my name. World Disability Day is being celebrated on December 3rd and this time the government has launched it as ‘Accessible India’ campaign. So I thought of celebrating ‘World Disability Day’ in our school. I told the children how we can live our lives easily and smoothly,” he added.

Chauhan pointed out that equality is a challenge on which the government is working.

“If I have got job then maybe I have got with the act of equal opportunity. The government is doing a lot and even we should contribute,” he added.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi urged the nation to address the persons with disabilities as ‘divyaang’, meaning divine body, saying they are endowed with extraordinary power in certain other ways.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the recently launched Accessible India programme to make transport, hospitals, school buildings, parkings and lifts disabled friendly.

He also recounted a phone call by Ahmedabad resident Dilip Chauhan telling the Prime Minister how he celebrated Accessible India in his school. (ANI)

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