Disgraced PC party organizer claims he’s a victim of racism

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Snover Dhillon, the former Progressive Conservative organizer who has been in the news for his role in the nomination and data-theft controversy insists he’s done nothing wrong or illegal in his work for Tory candidates.
In an interview with a media outlet, Mr Dhillon painted himself as a victim of “character assassination” and challenged critics to accuse him in court if they feel he has acted improperly.
The media report named D-Media one of Mr Dhillon’s company that showed up on a file appearing to contain customer data from the private 407 toll highway “theft”. Last week it was reported that former 407 employee Simmer Sandhu quit as a PC candidate in the Brampton East riding last week, after facing unspecified charges.
Dhillon by way of explanation about how the 407 list of names and addresses came into his possession said it was one of his candidate clients who provided him with addresses and phone numbers, and that he was unaware of its origin until he read media. However, he said that client passed on the data to at least one other current PC candidate.
“You guys want to put me under the bus because I’m a Punjabi guy, I’m a brown, that’s why?” he said. “All these white guys running campaigns. Some win, some lose. Why only me?”

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