Diwali has a sacrosanct meaning, which ‘NRI’ PM Modi is violating, says Congress

New Delhi, Oct.2 (ANI): Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘double Diwali celebration” remark at a BJP rally in Banka, Bihar, Congress leader Tom Vadakkan on Friday said the festival is sacrosanct in meaning and should not be reduced to takes and retakes.

Diwali has a sacrosanct meaning and it is a holy festival. So, lets not reduce it to takes and retakes. It is not a film that is going on, it is about India and Ramji,” Vadakkan told ANI.

Vadakkan also said that Bihar will develop, but without Prime Minister Modi.

“He (Modi) can have Diwali everyday, he is an NRI Prime Minister, where does he have the time for India? All the time he spends at rallies seeking and catching votes,” he added.

Modi had said, “There will be two Diwali celebrations this time in Bihar. One will be on the day of the festival and second on the day of poll results.”

The prime minister also said that India cannot progress unless Bihar moves forward. (ANI)

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