DJ A-Train set rock Mumbai on Saturday

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New Delhi, May 3 (IANS) He’s based in Maimi and over the past decade, has DJ’d everything from underground dance clubs and exclusive private events to mega-clubs and festival stages. Now, DJ A-Train, who is considering a relocation to Asia for much of 2019, is set to rock Mumbai on Saturday.

“It’s always a bit different but I usually play a mix of new and classic hits from many genres like pop, hip-hop, house, reggae, & Latin,” A-Train told IANS in an email interview about the kind of music he plays.

How did the DJ bug bite him?

“I lived in Japan during high school and started going to nightclubs at a very young age. My older sister had turntables & records and eventually let me use them to learn DJing. I was instantly hooked,” he said.

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“How did the A-Train moniker come about?

“A good friend from Japan came up with the name and it just stuck. My DJ name before that was pretty silly so you’ll have to ask me in person if you want to know,” he replied with a smile.

About his journey over the years, he said he started DJing in Gainesville, Florida, where he grew up and then moved to Miami and quickly got into the local club scene.

“Eventually I began DJing the big cities around the US and over the last five years or so I started doing tours in Europe and now Asia where it all began,” he added.

Elaborating on the Cinco de Mayo experience at the tony Xico’s in Kamala Mills on Saturday, he said: Many people think it’s Mexican Independence Day, but it’s actually commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French empire in 1862. America has turned it into a giant party celebrating Mexican culture including their food, drinks, dress, and music. It’s always a good time.”

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“And now, it’s in India,” he added.

“This will be the last stop of my Spring 2018 Asia tour which also includes shows in Japan, China, and Thailand,” he said.

What of the future?

“I’m considering relocating to Asia for part of the year in 2019 which will include many more visits to India,” he said.



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