DJ Suketu speaks up on trend of recreating old songs

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New Delhi, Dec 20 (IANS) DJ Suketu is happy that a trend started by DJs is becoming big in Bollywood.

“One big change we see in the industry is adapting old songs and putting them in new films. DJs have been doing this since 1995,” Suketu, whose name is Suketu Radia, told IANS.

“We called it remixing and it was looked down upon and now it’s called recreating and it’s called creativity. All in all, it’s good to know that what DJs started long back, has become even bigger today,” he added.

Does he think Bollywood gives a better platform to music artistes?

“Definitely, anything associated with Bollywood just becomes huge. The marketing budgets etc all increase and the artiste gets a massive jump in his/her career level,” said Suketu, who will be performing at the Imagica New Year Bash on December 31.

Talking about his performance, he said: “My performance is going to be a full power packed performance with a VJ doing live visuals with me and dancers coming and doing choreographed sequences on songs that I’m going to give them. It’s going to be super entertaining and fun.”



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