Dmg::Information to invest in education, healthcare in India

By Khyati Sharma

New Delhi, Nov. 2 (ANI): Working in line with a decentralized approach, Dmg::Information, primarily based in the US and UK, is set to invest USD 250 million in the education, healthcare and agriculture sectors in India with a perspective to boost these sectors for the betterment and growth of the country.

Dmg::Information is a division of Daily Mail and General Trust, a publicly listed company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (, which has currently invested in Skymet, iProf and Liases Foras that provides an array of crop insurance services, largest digital education library and transparent data in the real estate sector respectively.

Empowered to drive businesses with creative work and transparent b2b information, the organization caters to real estate, education, energy and commodity sectors. Boasting a collection of high growth and innovation, Dmg::Information

is actively looking to expand into new sectors and geographies that will enable transparent investment proposals.

“To invest in data and analytics focused companies that offers must have information by combining large databases with software analytics and the resulting products delivered to business customers in largely electronic formats,” Tej Kapoor, Country Head, DMG::Information, told ANI in an interview.

“With ‘Make in India’ initiative, the company’s goal is to continue investing in b2b information businesses in education, healthcare, agriculture and real estate sectors for the growth of India,” he added.

Briefing about the investment in the agricultural sector through Skymet, Kapoor said, “Skymet records and shares live weather observation from its automatic weather stations, installed across the country assists and supports crop insurance to farmers in one tier and two tier areas.”

“The built-in database also offers crop insurers a unique knowledge tool to see and download historical weather information and calculate risk for specific areas that would in-turn help them stay cautious about their farming,” he added.

Expanding vision on iProf, he said it is India’s first and largest digital education library that offers free video lectures, notes, customized tests, individual assessments from India’s most respected teachers. This assures high quality content and also makes it the best learning partner since complete content is designed in a fashion where the readers can move from one topic to another without any gap.

With a total investment of USD 15 million in Skymet, iProf and Liases Foras, the organization gives light to the investments that work with the theme to build disruptive models by using data and technology which bring fundamental changes to how business is conducted.

Appreciating the Digital India campaign, an initiative by the Government of India, Kapoor said, “There is more scope for digitalization in the rural sections of the country. The government should ensure that more adequate services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity at the ground level.” (ANI)

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