DMRC erects first girder on Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda route

New Delhi, Dec.28 (ANI): The erection of first girder was successfully done on the Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda (Ghaziabad) Metro section on the night of December 27-28 in a well planned launching operation before the upcoming Shahid Nagar Station at Pier P1- 18 and 19.

The entire process of installation of this girder was carried out during night hours to avoid traffic disruption/inconvenience to the travelling public on the busy G T Karnal road.

The DMRC deployed an adequate number of traffic marshals to guide/divert moving traffic along the stretch.

Coordination was done with local traffic police also to ensure smooth and timely erection of the Girder so that the stretch is free from any obstruction during day time and traffic flows as usual.

This was first of the 704 girders which will be erected on the Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda (Ghaziabad) Metro extension, a 9.60 kilometre long elevated section comprising of eight stations. About 80 percent of these girders will be erected during night time only to avoid disruption of traffic on the busy G T road, in a well planned manner.

Girders are horizontal segments (having normal length 28 m) on which the Metro tracks are laid on elevated sections. These are precast at the casting yard and then transported at site for erection.

The civil work for the section has been awarded to a joint venture comprising of M/s Tata Project Limited and M/s GYT.

The general progress of work on this 9.60 KM long section so far is as follows: Pile Foundation (76 percent); Pile Cap (36 percent); Pier (24 percent); Casting of pier caps and girders at casting yard near Sahibabad Industrial Area (10 percent). The total physical progress is about 20 percent.

The Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda Metro corridor will be an extension of the presently operational Rithala – Dilshad Garden (Red Line) section. This corridor is being constructed on the busy GT Road that connects Ghaziabad with the national capital.

This section will be Delhi Metro’s second extension inside Ghaziabad. The first one is the Yamuna Bank – Vaishali section (Line 4 – blue line) presently operates up to Vaishali in Ghaziabad.

For erecting a girder the number of preceding activities like survey, geotechnical investigation, detailed design ,setting up of casting yard (for producing concrete and casting of girders & Pier caps) , pile foundations , pile cap, pier, erection of pier caps, stitching of pier cap, pedestal & bearing fixing need to be completed. The work on the Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda Metro corridor is expected to be completed by October 2017. (ANI)

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