Do good work rather than talk about ‘suit boot ki sarkar’, Chouhan tells Rahul

Bhopal, Sept. 21 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday told Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to stop repeating his ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ jibe and do good work to ensure the nation’s development.

“Country should develop, whether one wears suit or boot, it doesn’t matter. He (Rahul Gandhi) doesn’t know anything, whatever advisor writes, he speaks,” Chouhan said.

“Apni marzi hai, dhoti-kurta pehno..kurta pyjama pehno, suit boot pehno. Kaam acha karo, sawaal keval yahi hai (It is a matter of personal choice, whether you wear dhoti kurta, pyjama or suit boot. Good work should be done),” he added.

On Saturday, Rahul had labelled NDA Government as a ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ and ‘anti-poor’.

“I had said some days back that this government is not for the poor, this is a suit-boot ki sarkar… They promised two lakh jobs, they promised Rs.15 Lakh in each account, they said they would control prices. Did it happen?” he had said at a rally in Ramnagar. (ANI)

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