Do you need travel insurance when crossing the border?


Thousands of Canadians are expected to cross into the US on this coming May long weekend, but only a tiny fraction of them will have got travel insurance. A large number will probably go no more than 50 kilometres into the US scouring outlet malls for deals. But it might actually be a good idea to consider travel insurance which won’t really break the bank but in the event ofCanada-US-Border-Stop something unfortunate happening, you won’t have to break the bank dealing with medical expenses.
“A sudden illness or injury can happen anywhere at any time, as one CAA member found out,” said Luxy Thuraisingam, Director Marketing Insurance, CAA SCO. “Earlier this year, a 65-year-old man suffered a heart attack while driving to Florida. The patient underwent angioplasty and spent three days in the hospital before he was discharged and flown home. Fortunately, he bought medical insurance with CAA prior to leaving and his $120,000 USD medical bill* was covered,” added Thuraisingam.

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