Dogs behave ‘negatively’ to people who are mean to their master

London, July 5 (ANI): If people say that dogs are loyal to their owner then they surely mean it as a new study has revealed that domestic dogs avoid people who are mean to their owners.

Scientists in Japan did a cunning test to examine that whether dogs can evaluate humans interacting with one another over an object or not and found that most domestic dogs refused to take food from someone who behave unhelpfully to their masters, the BBC reported.

Around 54 dogs’ behaviour from various breeds was observed who watched their owners trying to retrieve a roll of tape from a sealed, transparent container, and then turning to someone sitting next to them for help.

The researchers analysed that dogs tended to avoid the “non-helper” person, who had behaved badly to their owner, and more frequently took a treat from the “helper”, who was good with their master.

The study also suggested that dogs understand third-party interactions, which usually starts very early in humans.

The study was published in published in the journal Animal Behaviour in June 2015. (ANI)

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