“Donning the Armor of God”- a book on the Mormon Church

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DENVER/ — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, has probably endured as much, if not more scrutiny, opposition and misunderstanding as any religion in the last 300 years. Christopher C. Sheldon’s Donning the Armor of God, The Saints Guide to Defending the Faith attempts to take on the plethora of misinformation and silence the skeptics for good.

Based on Sheldon’s lifelong quest to find a religious home, Donning the Armor of God is the culmination of a four-year research and writing effort spurred by the opposition he experienced when he became a member of the Mormon church. For him, that experience exposed the many misconceptions that non-members have about the Mormon faith that have led to a long-held belief by many that it is not a Christian-based religion.

“I heard a lot of comments and got a lot of questions that I didn’t know how to respond to,” explained Sheldon. “So I wanted to find the answers for myself, and the more I discovered, the more I realized I wanted to write a book that would help get rid of the misconceptions about the church and help people discover the truth about it for themselves.”

Sheldon pointed out that the book is based on insights he gained from trying several different denominational and non-denominational churches throughout his life, interviews with Mormon bishops and missionaries, and talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses since they are sometimes confused with the Mormon church.

He reiterated that Donning the Armor of God is not an attempt to convert anyone to the Mormon faith or evangelize the religion, but it is meant to set the record straight about a religion that has experienced its share of controversy. -PRNewswire


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