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Don’t criticize climate plan until 2030: Ford

Premier Doug Ford defended his “Made in Ontario” climate plan saying it is on track to meet its emissions reduction targets for 2030. So, Ford insists that it is only fair that critics hold their fire until 2030 to figure out if his climate change plan has worked.

Last week Ontario’s auditor general Bonnie Lysyk found a number of issues with Ford government’s climate plan, which she said underestimated the starting point for emissions by including several green programs that were actually cancelled by the Tories after they came to power last year.

Ford praised Lysyk for the report but said Ontario is currently a national leader on the environment, and he’s confident the province can meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 30 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030.
The province would have to reduce emissions by 17.6 megatonnes by 2030 to align with Canada’s target under the Paris Agreement. But the provincial government’s plan, the auditor found, will only reduce emissions by between 6.3 and 13 megatonnes.

The government’s own analysis shows that the current initiatives in the climate change plan will only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.9 megatonnes, the report said. -CINEWS


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