Don’t fall victim to the fire inspection scam

Mississauga, July 24 (CINEWS) While it is a good idea to inspect your fire alarms and ensure they are in good working condition, Peel Police are warning residents of Brampton and Mississauga not to allow individuals claiming to be home fire inspectors to inspect them. It’s all a scam, these people are going door-to-door posing as home fire inspectors representing private
Reports have been made to police advising that letters have come to residents’ homes that cite specific fire regulations related to the installation of carbon monoxide alarms/smoke alarms. These letters give the impression that the homeowner must schedule a mandatory inspection to prove compliance to these regulations, or risk charges under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.
Police are concerned that once the inspection takes place, the homeowner will be told they are not in compliance and are required to purchase carbon monoxide alarms, which the ‘inspector’ will have on hand.
Although carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms are in homes are mandated by law, the only persons with authority to do any kind of fire-related home inspection on your home is your local fire department. The fire department will do door-to-door home inspections during their “Home Safe Home” campaign and will only enter your home upon invitation. Outside of a campaign, the fire department will only do inspections based on an individual homeowner’s request or based on a complaint. The fire department representatives will attend your home in full uniform, with identification, driving a fully marked fire vehicle.
If one of these people turn up at your door, ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and business.

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