Don’t let mid-night Ramadan snacks increase your belly size

Dubai, June 30 (ANI): Ramadan is on and so are late night snacks which may add kilos to the hungry belly.

But by following these simple and easy tips one can save himself from unnecessary weight gain, reports Al Arabiya news.

1.Choose stress free food that has low cortisol levels as it helps in reducing belly fat.

2.Do not avoid eating high fiber plants such as Broccoli, Brussels sprout, pees as they are the best fat cutter.

3.Regular hormonal check is a must and one natural way of balancing out the hormonal act is taking flaxseed and chia seeds.

4.Control portion of the meal as small and balanced portion cuts hunger and doesn’t increase fat.

5.Choose coconut oil over normal oil and eat food with 20 minutes meal time. (ANI)

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