Don’t link wrong interpretation to particular religion: Piyush Goyal

Kolkata, Jan 28 (IANS) Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said incorrect interpretations of religion by some people shouldn’t be linked to a particular religion.

At the “Taleem ki Taquat” conference here, Goyal banked on the power of religion and education to usher in progress in India.

“Focal point of every religion should be education. There should be a synergy of education, technology and religion. Religion is necessary for inculcating moral values and through education the person becomes open-minded,” the minister for power, coal, and new and renewable energy told reporters here.

Asked whether religion can be an obstruction, Goyal said it can “never” be a limitation and it only strengthens society.

“If some people interpret religion in a wrong way and use it to spread wrong message then it’s an individual-specific wrong act. One can’t link it to religion. Religion can’t be blamed,” added Goyal.

–Indo-Asian News service


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