Don’t make heroes of those who make extreme comments: Modi

New Delhi, June 27 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that “heroes should not be made out of hotheads who make extreme comments” and also emphasised that “development was the only solution to all tension that people talk about”.

“I am of the firm belief that the nation should progress on the issue of development. And it is necessary that the country moves forward on the issue of development. I would like to tell the media not to make heroes out of those people who make such comments,” said Modi in his interview to TimesNow.

“But why do you make them so big? I see such statements by people on TV, whose faces I haven’t even seen and they end up becoming spokesmen on TV. I don’t know why such people are encouraged. Don’t make them heroes, they will stop,” he added.

He said this when asked if the agenda of development was being hijacked by people in the Bharatiya Janata Party who make extreme comments.

“It’s my conviction, it’s my commitment. You must have seen during the 2014 elections that I fought elections on the issue of development. The new generation of the country only believes in development.

“I believe that solution to all problems is in development. Development is also the solution to the tension that people talk about. If we provide employment to people, if we ensure there’s food on their plates, if we provide them with facilities and give them education, all the tension will end,” said Modi.

Modi further said: “All those who want good for the nation, I request them to compete towards development and for development. This atmosphere should be created in the country and I think such an environment is being created nowadays.”



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