Double deal for artist Sukhwinder Singh!

Mumbai, Feburary 4 (CINEWS): Artist Sukhwinder Singh is thinking of his new show, Two Sides Of The Same Coin. One piece of his show will make them perform unplugged, and in the other one, he will be joined by a DJ and a rapper.sukhwinder sigh

“I am working with the best of both the universes – two sides of a coin. The unplugged rendition veers more towards the true to life side with profound, sentimental Bollywood tracks, while the other one is more established based with a considerable measure of vitality. Working with a DJ will be similar to setting off to a discotheque and moving the night away,” says Sukhwinder.

The artist got the thought for this show while ad libbing in the studio. When he began doing likewise at live shows, he got an extraordinary reaction from individuals.

“My music writers permitted me to ad lib. I got gratefulness from the gathering of people too, and that is the point at which I chose to do it on a major scale,” he says.

He likewise uncovers his arrangements to discharge a progression of singles from his own accumulation. “My next is a tune, ‘Kamariya zigzag’. I drew motivation from ‘Beedi jalaiyle’ for this track. We have shot the tune and will discharge it soon,” he includes.

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