Drake and Rihanna break up over India Love

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India Love…Model and TV star following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian. 

Drake and Rihanna have broken up. It allegedly has to do with Drake’s wandering eye.

Rumours had already been circling that Rihanna, 28, and Drake, 29, might be over, but now it seems we have official confirmation.

“Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment. They are not exclusive anymore. They still love each other, but their schedules have gotten in the way,” a friend close to them said. “Anything can change between them though, for better or worse. They are still in each other’s lives,” the source added.

“Drake and India Love have been hooking up for at least a few weeks,” another source said.  Apparently, India’s ex, Cliff Dixon, – the model is known to be dating high profile men- allegedly cheated on her with Rihana “Drake could be hooking up with India Love now to piss off Rihanna, which has clearly worked.”

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Sounds like what happened when Scott Dissick, was trying to date Sophie Richie to take revenge from Justin Bieber for getting cosy with his ex Coutney Kardashian!

But this isn’t the first time Drake has been caught getting a little too friendly with someone who wasn’t his date. He was recently seen getting cozy with 21-year-old Instagram model Dakota Gonzalez!

The gorgeous Indian Love WestBrooks is a Social Media celebrity, who rose to fame because of her Tumblr blogging. She is a model of several clothing lines and as of 2015, she began starring alongside her sisters on the reality series The Westbrooks.

She created her first Tumblr in 2011. She has a huge followers on both Instagram and Vine, where she often posts her photos and videos.

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Accounting her personal life, she is yet unmarried but is currently taken. As she is so popular in social media sites, she has lots of admirers and fans who wants to date her.

Till now she has dated long list of high profile men. She does not have any kids from any of her past relationships.

India Westbrooks made a name for herself by sharing photographs of herself on Instagram, Dating high profile celebrities, by being apart of the TV show, The Westbrooks and modelling.

She has manage to draw a lot of attention to herself by doing a combination of these activities. She could follow in the footsteps of American fashion model and television personality Kim Kardashian.

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