Driver pulled over for transporting wood in dangerous manner

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Calling the police came naturally to many drivers who were aghast at the sight of a Nissan Sentra car with at least eight slats of plywood poking out of the windows. The incident occurred in the Mavis and Matheson area. It is likely the driver had just picked up his building material for a house project from one of the home improvement stores in the area.

Even the police say they’ve never come across a driver transporting wood in such a dangerous fashion. Mostly they get called and pull over drivers who’ve popped their trunk open and carry heavy items that are tied down.

This was a “whole new way of transporting wood” — and a dangerous way to carry a load, said a police spokesperson. At any moment the wood could shift around, fall out or cause a collision. Anything poking out of your car should have a flag on it to alert other drivers, said Marttini. Even a colourful ribbon will do.

Failing to do so netted the driver a $160 fine, police said. -CINEWS

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