Drones to help Australians track, locate crocodiles

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Canberra, July 13 (IANS) Drones will be used to track and report the movement of crocodiles in Australia, authorities announced on Friday.

Lifeguards in Queensland state will soon utilise the technology to monitor crocodiles in water bodies where people usually swim, a method they say has been effective in the past against sharks, reports Xinhua news agency.

Specially designated drones currently use an artificially intelligent system to identify and report sharks.

Another step towards reducing the risk of crocodile attack is a three year survey of animal numbers in the state.

Preliminary numbers suggest that Queensland has, with variation throughout the state, less than one crocodile per kilometre, compared to the bordering Northern Territory which has around five to 10 crocodiles per kilometre.

Wildlife officials in Queensland removed 84 crocodiles in 2017, including animals that were deemed of significant risk to human safety and were shot; an approach authorities say they take only when necessary.



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