Droom `vrooms` into private jets, choppers with `Fun Rides` segment

New Delhi, Sept 5 (ANI): Forget cars or even super cars to rent on a special occasion for your special someone, as now you can actually escape to luxury by buying or renting a private jet or a helicopter to make them feel more special and wanting.

In first of a kind, Gurgaon based web portal called Droom, an online marketplace for automobiles, has now forayed into aerial vehicle segment ,where one can sell, buy or rent ‘luxurious’ private planes or choppers on its platform.

Droom, founded by Shopclues.com former CEO Sandeep Aggarwal, has joined hands with JetSetGo, which is a marketplace to connect private jet operators to wealthy customers, primarily for its charter services.

Talking exclusively to ANI, Sandeep Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Droom, said, “I looked into automobile industry and observed that it suffers from lot of negative points and pitfalls and therefore, I thought to bring the manage marketplace approach to the aerial segment. From day one, we had this vision that we want to step-in to the marketplace that has wheels and engines and can be used for human transportation and here we are.”

The online marketplace has not restricted themselves to just selling or buying planes and choppers, as the startup portal has also introduced the Fun Rides and Rentals segment, where people can fly to Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore as of now to experience luxury at a different level altogether.

Rentals will start from Rs. 1.2 Lakh and go up to Rs. 3 lakh depending on the duration of the ride, destination and type of the vehicle leased. And if someone wants to park a private jet in their garage, then one has to shell-out Rs 46.2-79.26 crore.

Talking about their business plans, Mr. Sandeep explained, “We are currently active in 38 cities with 16 categories and by 2016 fiscal year, hopefully we will have 24 categories and will be targeting 45-5- cities.”

Droom also plans to extend its services to South-East Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines, by the first Quarter of 2016.

By Ashish Kumar Singh (ANI)

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