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Drug racket busted in Bengal, Yaba tablets seized

Kolkata, Nov 27 (IANS) The police in West Bengal’s Malda district have busted an international drug trafficking racket by seizing 60,000 Yaba tablets valued at Rs 60 lakh in the international market.

The tablets were confiscated from a hotel in Englishbazar during a raid, a police official said on Wednesday.

Three people were nabbed from the hotel. Later, on the basis of statements given by them, three others were also taken into custody.

One of the accused was a resident of Bangladesh.

Another was from Manipur, while two each were residents of Kolkata and Malda.

According to the official, the international drug trafficking racket was spread upto Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The accused hailing from Manipur was tasked with taking the consignment to Kolkata. From Kolkata it used to be carried to Malda and then into Bangladesh through the international border.

Yaba, otherwise known as the madness drug, is a combination of a number of stimulants, mainly caffeine and methamphetamine. Yaba is a drug in tablet form, most often red in colour. Those users who take it most commonly smoke the drug off tinfoil, though it can be ingested orally or crushed and snorted.




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