Dual citizens can only travel back with Canadian passports starting Sept. 30

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Starting September 30th, Canadian dual citizens will have to use only their Canadian passports to return. As of now Canadian citizens with dual citizenships can use the passport of the other country to enter Canada by air if they can provide proofs of residency in Canada, such as a driver’s license and Canadian citizenship card.

This is the final phase of Canada’s move to an electronic screening system to step up border security and boost exit control of travelers.

According to the 2011 Census, at least 2.9 per cent of Canadians — 944,700 people — had multiple citizenships; the most frequently reported other citizenships were the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Poland.

Ottawa rolled out the electronic travel authorization, or eTA, system last year, requiring air passengers — including all applicants for study and work permits, as well as those from countries that currently do not require a visa to come to Canada — to submit their biographic, passport and other personal information through the immigration department website for pre-screening or face being denied entry.

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The new requirement has caught so many by surprise. It currently costs $120 for a five-year Canadian adult passport and $160 for one that lasts for 10 years. – CINEWS

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  1. Comment: Of course its a Tax grab. Taxes seems to be rising while middle income are struggling. Only people making money are rich, politicians and civil servants. I guess they have to make money somehow, tax the poor and middle class to make there lives richer