Dunne insists he is ‘capable’ of winning Open Championship

Washington, July 20 (ANI): PocketRocket has launched a service which helps users to receive one article per day from their Pocket account via email, and then, archiving it.

According to thenextweb.com, Leyland Jacob Elia the creator of PocketRocket said it is easy to ignore the growing list of articles in your Pocket account.

Elia also said that he made this because he had developed a terrible habit of filling his Pocket account with great articles and only coming back to binge read occasionally.

Elia further said that he wanted to find a way to cut down on his massive Pocket reading list without having to open the App every day. He figured he try to keep his email inbox at zero, so why not automate sending an article to his inbox and archiving it once a day.

The users have to visit its website to start using this service. They have to sign in using their Pocket account and they have to just choose at what time of day they would like to have articles emailed to them. (ANI)

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