Dynamic Asia Pacific region to shape course of 21st century, says PM Modi

San Jose, Sept. 27 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama tomorrow in New York, has said that a dynamic Asia Pacific region will shape the course of the 21st century.

He said India and the United States, the world’s two largest democracies, have the responsibility to shape the future of peace, stability and prosperity in Asia Pacific region which would determine the course of this century.

In his address on Digital India before top American CEOs from the Silicon Valley, the Prime Minister said, Indians and Americans have worked together to shape the knowledge economy, adding that they have made us aware of the vast potential of technology.

He said the sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be a major force of good for our world and our planet.

Prime Minister Modi said India-US relationship is defined by the power of youth, technology and innovation. He said that these can ignite a partnership that will advance and sustain prosperity in the two countries. (ANI)

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