Earn money with ‘Isle of Fortune’ quiz app

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New Delhi, July 3 (IANS) Singapore-based mobile gaming developer Isle of Fortune on Monday launched its first global quiz app that provides players the opportunity to win multiple cash awards showcasing knowledge, skill and speed.

The app has two unique and compelling quizzes that offer cash prizes as awards.

A free quiz called ‘Isle of Fortune’ runs daily from 00:01 GMT to 23:59 hours GMT with an award of $100 and a paid quiz called ‘The Grand Game’ that runs for the duration of one week, from the Monday of every week, at 00:01 hours GMT to the Sunday of that week at 23:59 hours GMT with an award of $1,000.

“I am delighted to launch our first global quiz which will be the first of many unique formats and themes within this exciting knowledge domain,” said Arjun Rao, Managing Director of Isle of Fortune Pvt Ltd.

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Players compete against their own knowledge level and ultimately against the clock in pursuit of the winner’s award.

“Our quiz game targets everyone with a passion for learning, people who like competing on a global level against people from all walks of life and the love of learning new information all the time,” Rao added.

The app will be available in all states with the exception of Tamil Nadu and Nagaland.

After India, ‘Isle of Fortune’ will be launched in select countries around the world on a schedule to ensure that the app and its model and format are legally permissible and hence available in all markets.

The app is currently available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.



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