EasyFix in tune with Govt. mission of skill development

New Delhi, Oct 22 (ANI): Home maintenance and personal care service provider EasyFix is setting a decent example by following the footsteps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government by promoting individual entrepreneurship across India.

Focusing on the skill development mission, the organisation puts great emphasis to incentivize skill training that in turn helps the blue collar class to lead a way as individual service provider entrepreneurs.

Shaifali Agarwal, Founder, EasyFix, prompted the idea of giving impetus to these service providers and workers by making them socially and economically independent.

In an exclusive interview to ANI, she said, “When I shifted into my own apartment, I was clueless about finding reliable handymen to get the plumbing or wiring fixed. If I managed to find one, he would either land up at odd hours of the day or be late.”

“The very idea of EasyFix was born out of personal needs. Being a working woman, it was a task to take out time to find someone to repair a broken tap or flush. With all these concerns in mind, it led me to think of a concept that bridged the gap to meet the needs,” she added.

The revolution that is sweeping across the organised and unorganized sectors of India is entrepreneurship. Start-ups are constantly working towards organizing an unorganized sector by transforming lives of not just the service providers but also the workers who work individually.

EasyFix is a platform that provides proper grooming to blue collared servicemen to make them efficient in their skill set. It not only has raised the employment opportunities for blue collared servicemen, but it has also connected them with loyal clientele.

Working with a team of 260 workers, EasyFix has emerged as one of the most promising service portals within a year. The company, which is eyeing employee strength of 500, also takes up repair and maintenance contracts from the offices.

“We plan to extend the team members, who can be trained to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction,” Shaifali said.

Referring to Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Skill India’ mission, she said, “We not only work towards preparing a first class team of servicemen, but also an equally accomplished team of customer relationship managers. These relationship managers go through a rigorous training that includes making pre-sales and managing customers to maintain high levels of satisfaction.”

Giving customers round-the-clock services, EasyFix has set a target for a pan-India presence in the next few years. Its mantra lies in learning from experiences that has enabled them to become the most promising company nationally. (ANI)

By: Khyati Sharma

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