EBARA launches vertical multistage pumps

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Las Vegas, Jan 20 (ANI): EBARA Corporation of Japan has recently launched vertical multistage pumps called EVMS. The pumps are manufactured with quality standard material to give the customers the advantage of portability.

“The advantage of this pump is that it occupies small area because of its vertical size”, said So Kuroiwa, General Manager, Standard Pump Department, EBARA Corporation.

Vertical multistage pumps are mainly used in places having small area such as high-rise apartments, commercial complexes and offices in metro cities. These pumps are used globally and are manufactured in Italy. “We have cutting edge equipments in our factory in Italy. We can mass-produce the new product. Also, our Italian office sells pumps globally. So we can utilize that network. That’s why we make the new product in Italy”, said Kuroiwa.

EBARA Pumps Europe Spa is a core production center of EVMS in Italy. Stamping and welding process of stainless steel is a core competence technology of EBARA Pumps Europe Spa.

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All manufacturing process of EVMS is managed with high standard of quality control system. All assembling process is standardized and improved continuously to increase the production capacity. Also they have Professional test facility. Reliability was made by high level of evaluation criteria.

100 years’ knowledge as a pump leading company is introduced into all R&D process. The special feature of the new product is pump impellers that succeeded in reducing a load on a motor by unique shape.

Hiroshi Nakamura, Sales Group, EBARA Corporation said, “We succeeded in reducing a load by 88 percent. And we could increase a motor life. Actually, these pumps are already sold in Europe. We are going to sell in south-eastern Asia for the next step. Then we plan to expand to other global markets.”

The annual CES technology show is the place where the visitors given a first glance into what the future could look like. It showcases the most exciting emerging technologies of the industry.

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Virtual Reality is the biggest topic at CES 2016 showcased Samsung’s Oculus-powered Gear VR for consumers this year, The Oculus Rift consumer model will ship in the spring. This could be the year of VR. Many people came to the show for a chance to experience the latest VR technologies. Gear VR was also showcased at GoPro booth.

And the PlayStation VR is awaiting release announcement, which people expect upcoming release not so far. Followed by big companies, there were numbers of startups showcased head-mounted displays for the wide variety of applications at the CES exhibition.

Among them, venture companies that develops the interface system such as controller device for gaming system, had attracted a lot of visitors by performing a particularly aggressive exhibition.

American pioneer for active VR, Virturix’s gaming interface Omni attracts many people at their demonstration booth. This features immersing VR experience as if the player has entered the world of the game. Tilt Brush – a 3D virtual reality drawing was demonstrated at Intel exhibit.

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Creativity is a theme at Intel’s showcase this year. Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer, Intel said, “The Creative Experience – Technologies become a catalyst for new age of creativity.”

Intel’s keynote kicked off by an artist’s drawing performance using Tilt Brush 3D virtual reality drawing.

Shantell Martin, a visual artist said, “We’re seeing the technology it’s becoming more cerebellum, it’s becoming a lot more in the head. Especially you can see that being at CES this year, there are so many devices we put on, we put on. I think from a creative perspective that’s really good, but it’s also very difficult to share.”

“If I’m experiencing this, it’s very difficult for you to experience the same thing unless you’re using the headset. So I’m curious to see how that’s changing in the future. But I think it’ll definitely gives us much more possibility in how we create and how we share that,” added Shantell. (ANI)

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