Ecuadorian footballers go on strike over unpaid salaries

Quito, Nov 27 (IANS) Ecuador’s Footballers’ Association (AFE) has declared it would go on strike in support of its members who have not been paid for between four and five months in over a dozen clubs.

The association has decided “to suspend all activities related to Ecuadorian football”, announced AFE vice president Edwin Tenorio Ecuador international on Thursday, reports Xinhua.

The strike was declared with only four dates left until the end of the second stage of Ecuador’s current championship season.

According to the local media, 18 clubs from the first and second divisions owe their players money.

“The decision (regarding the suspension of activities) that we are announcing is legal,” Jorge Burgos, a trustee of the AFE, told the local media on Thursday.

The strike will continue “until we see what Ecuador’s highest football authority (Ecuadorian Football Federation) has to say about the matter,” said Ivan Hurtado, the president of the association and a former national player.

The footbllers will not allow themselves to be treated with “so much abuse and lies” from the clubs, said Hurtado, adding that the strike seeks to put an end to the lack of respect for the players.

“The situation has gone beyond just talking and faced with this we have taken this measure,” said Hurtado.

The AFE announced the strike will continue until various demands are met.

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