ED proceedings in FERA case: SC dismisses Mallya’s plea

Washington DC, July 13 (ANI): J.K. Rowling has slashed the “pathetic” cyber troll over Serena Williams’ masculine physique and praised the Wimbledon women’s singles title winner by sharing a smoking hot picture of the player.

The Twitter rant started when a social media user wrote that it was 33-year-old American tennis player’s built like a man allowed her to win, in response of the ‘Harry Potter’ author tweeted on the player’s victory that she loves her and she’s an amazing athlete, role model and woman, TMZ.com reported.

Soon after this, Rowling stood to rescue the sixth time Wimbledon champion by posting a picture of the player looking sexy and wrote that yes, she’s built like a man if any could manage to look that hot in a dress. (ANI)

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