Edmonton mosque receives racist letter

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A racist letter sent to an to the Markaz Ul Islam Mosque in Edmonton urged the mosque to “close down your fake worship house and leave or accept Jesus as your one true God.”
It reminded Muslims they are guests in Canada and warns them not to “overstay your welcome.”
The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council redacted some of the most inflammatory phrases in the letter before sharing it on social media, expressing shock at its “flagrant display of white supremacy.”
A spokesperson for the Edmonton Police Service said the Hate Crimes and Violent Extremism Unit is investigating the letter, but had no further information.
Although the letter isn’t signed it has two logos, for the United Conservative Party and The Clann, a group that appears to have recently rebranded itself from the Wolves of Odin. The URL on The Clann’s Facebook page still uses the words “Odin’s Heathens.”
The letter brought Conservative leader Jason Kenney into the picture saying that “premier to be Jason Kenney is going to take Alberta back,” and offers a warning: “adapt if you want to stay.”
A tweet in response was put out: “The UCP and Jason Kenney have been clear in denouncing this hatred and bigotry,” it reads. “This hateful note is in no way authorized or associated with the UCP (anyone can unfortunately paste an image into a document).”

Going into the elections, immigration is going to be in the news and with it one can expect such incidents with racial tones to be ever more frequent.

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