Egg Art Studio: New gallery to egg on young talent

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New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) The city’s cultural calendar will soon get another addition with the opening of ‘The Egg Art Studio’, a gallery for budding artists.

True to its name, the gallery is designed to promote young and upcoming artists from India and abroad and to play host to alternative art forms such as wall art, book launches and performances. The gallery is set for its inaugural exhibition ‘Genesis: The Veil’ on April 9.

Elaborating on the initiative, The Egg Art Studio co-founder Tavleen Akoi told IANS: “My early wonderment with art began with an introduction to my great grand-aunt Amrita Shergill. Her passion, aesthetic and daring was inspiring. I have always hoped Delhi had a unique space where an untrained eye like mine can organically explore this.

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The inaugural exhibition ‘The Veil’ is made up of two distinct visual elements. The first is a display of artworks from the Maldives, allowing the viewer to delve into the history and stories surrounding the islands. It will also explore how geography, trade and history can change and influence visual expression and concepts.According to its founding members, the gallery gives a complete experience of national and international art, where each work within the gallery is evaluated for both its aesthetic and commercial potential.

Like the name Egg, the gallery is intended to mentor and nurture emerging artists and their works are developed and curated in a way that they may eventually be exhibited in museums worldwide.

“I am very excited to play a part in the creation of a long­ cherished dream, creating a space that radiates the energy of what it feels like to discover the joy of absolute submersion in art, like we did as children when the first set of crayons were given to us! As in life, art must push boundaries for growth. I hope the gallery through its workshops and mentorship, succeeds in guiding an artist’s journey to his or her full potential of expression,” The Egg Art Studio co-founder Amrita Varma told IANS.

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It also aims to create a dialogue between those who know and those who don’t know about art, specifically making it more accessible and engaging. The gallery also ensures the best possible engagement between visitors and buyers.

According to the organisers, the gallery is working on the premise that art as an investment has a larger gestation period. It also extends its philosophy in the incorporation of educational initiatives and research into art, including creative visualisation workshops as well as workshops for children.

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