Eight feet long python snared in temple in Haryana

Behrampur (Haryana), Oct.14 (ANI): An eight-foot-long python, weighing 25 kilograms, was snared in a temple in Behrampur village in Haryana on Tuesday.

The python was first spotted by villagers who had gone to the temple to offer prayers on the first day of Navratri. As the news spread, a crowd at the temple to catch a glimpse of the python.

According to the villagers, the python slithered in from the forests in the Aravalli Hills that runs across Haryana.

“A priest informed us about the python’s presence in the temple. Some people believe it to be a divine manifestation,” said Jagdish Ambavata, a resident of the village.

A rescue team eventually snared the python. (ANI)

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