Elderly not burden, but part of development: Badal Choudhury

Agartala, Oct.1 (ANI): Tripura Health and Family Welfare Minister Badal Choudhury on Thursday said that older persons are not burden rather part of development and the younger should take advantage of their vast experience.

Speaking in a seminar during celebration of International Day of Older Persons here, Choudhury said, “Older persons are not burden rather active part of development and should takes part in it. We should try to protect them because they are the experienced section and can guide us and protect us from many things.”

“Any state or nation where the older persons are not cared, I will say that the, end of that society will start from there. They are our creator and have shown us the light in this world. On this day we who are less than 60 years and not designated as older persons should do our duties toward our father, mother and all older persons in our neighbours,” he further said.

He added that it should be the endeavour younger generation to ensure that older persons live not only longer lives, but better rewarding lives and have many more opportunities to keep contributing to society beyond any age with their vast knowledge.

The Social Welfare and Social Education department of Tripura organised the programme to aware people towards the senior citizens and care the senior who are above 60 years of.

The main topic of discussion held at the Muktadhara Auditorium was the role of the older people in development of the society.

The seminar was inaugurated by state PWD Minister Badal Choudhury in presence of Social Welfare and Social Education Minister Bijita Nath and other high officials.

Hundreds of older persons and retired officials took part in the discussion who viewed that the International Day of Older Persons on October 1 is an opportunity to celebrate the significant contribution of the seniors in the process of development of our society and the role of the younger towards them. (ANI)

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