Elections Ontario watchdog to review PC candidates campaigns

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It’s official. Elections Ontario for the first time has acknowledged receipt of the NDP’s complaint urging Elections Ontario to investigate whether any PC candidates used data from the 407 toll operator containing names and addresses of customers as part of their campaigns.
Elections Ontario has assigned a reference number to the complaint and the PC Party have been told about the complaint launched against them.
According to Elections Ontario’s policies: “When the chief electoral officer decides to investigate a complaint, an acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint will be sent to the complainant and a copy of the complaint … may be sent to the person or entity against whom the complaint is made.”
York Regional Police are investigating the 407 data leak.
Meanwhile many PC candidates find themselves operating under a cloud of suspicion over the circumstances surrounding their nominations.
There is renewed interest in finding out more about PC candidates who had used the services of political strategist Snover Dhillon. There are media reports suggesting that more than one PC candidate used names and addresses from the pilfered 407 ETR list of its customers.
The NDP and the Liberal party have seized upon this issue as being one that could change the electoral outcome in a few ridings. They are also concerned that the pilfered list of customer information could be used to direct PC campaign material in their direction.
This is a story that is not going to go away very soon. It could continue well after June 7.

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