Electric vehicle owners in condos face charging issue

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Condo management not willing to bear cost of charging stations

The Ontario government is committed to doing its part to reverse climate change and part of its Climate Change Action Plan is to encourage more people to invest in electric cars, but there seem to be a few hurdles.

Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services got electric vehicle and condo groups together this week to look at how revamping the act could encourage more electric vehicles on the roads.

One condo dweller who is on a waiting list to buy an electric car decided to check with her condo corporation’s board of directors about creating a charging station and the response she got was that they were “not ready to undertake this expense at this point of time given the fact that there is only one request” and that they “represent all owners and cannot accommodate one owner against the other owners.”

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In the years to come condo boards will face an increasing number of requests by unit owners for electric-car charging infrastructure, but it will be a challenge for some older condominiums, rewiring their parking garages could be lengthy, complicated and costly.

The added expenses could pit one class of residents against another because it may be seen as subsidizing the cost of electricity for the environmentally conscious condo resident. -CINEWS

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