Elvis Presley’s controversial doc `Dr. Feelgood` dies at 88

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Washington, D.C., Feb. 26 (ANI): Dr. George Nichopoulos, known for the controversy regarding Elvis Presley’s longstanding and ultimately fatal abuse of prescription drugs, has passed away at the age of 88 in in Memphis, Tennessee.

The cause of his death is unknown.

It is said that Nichopoulos, also known as Dr. Nick, had treated the 42-year-old singer for the last decade of his life and was accused of over-prescribing drugs to the singer, ultimately causing his death, TMZ.com reports.

However, the American physician of Greek descent maintained that he was treating Presley for insomnia and was acquitted.

Nichopoulos aka Dr Feelgood, who was also accused of over-prescribing drugs to Jerry Lee Lewis and other patients, was acquitted on all accounts in 1981. (ANI)

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