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Emily Blunt refused to watch `Marry Poppins?

London, May 6 (IANS) Actress Emily Blunt says she would not watch “Marry Poppins” when she was filming “Mary Poppins Returns”.

“Ultimately, I didn’t end up watching (the original). I had seen it as a child, so that image was sort of emblazoned in my memory but I never watched the film during the process – I just read the books,” Blunt told Heat magazine.

She added: “So however people view it, it’s my version of her. I hope people like it. I took her from the books and she is batty, eccentric and incredibly vain.

“It was just a joy to play somebody who knows that she is better than everybody else, but ultimately, has this incredibly warm core, and that there is this plan that she takes people on. She is magical.”

The actress credits director Rob Marshall for helping ease her fears about living up to the iconic performance of Julie, reports

She said: “It was the most magical experience, because Rob Marshall is so loving and nurturing. He made it feel like an intimate experience and less of what I worried it would be, which would be to try and reimagine this character that is so beloved, and played by an iconic actress like Julie Andrews.”



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