Emirati team to reopen Aden International Airport

Sana’a, July 20 (IANS/WAM) Yemeni Transport Minister Badr Mubarak Ba-Salma has said that a specialist technical team from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has arrived in the city of Aden to help reopen its international airport.

He said that recent problems had been solved by the arrival of a mobile control tower for the resumption of flights to and fro from Aden within the next few hours.

In a press conference held on Sunday night in Aden, Ba-Salma said that it was agreed with the public works department to bring in contractors to work on the airport over the next two days, calling on international organisations to start going to Aden’s ports and airport to provide relief.

The airport was closed down in March.

It is Yemen’s second largest after Sanaa International Airport.



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